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Part of the fun of being a book fairy is finding just the right spot to leave a book for someone to find.


To find out more about Book Fairies, use the link above.


Support the movement by becoming a fully equipped book fairy with stickers, ribbons, bookmarks and darling tote bags.


Book fairies all over the world are hiding books for people to find and read. How fairy-like is that? This is real magic and everyone has the power to participate. It's simple, attach a book fairy sticker to the cover of a book you'd love to share and leave it behind for someone to find. You'll be giving a book another lease on life by passing it along for the next person to find, enjoy, and lend forward.


FYI, The Book Fairies are headquartered in London and it's no surprise Emma Watson is behind all of this magical book sharing. Interested? Go to ibelieveinbookfairies.com to find out more and purchase your book stickers, they're reasonably priced and come with free shipping forever.


Or try out your book fairy wings for FREE! I've got a sticker and ribbon to giveaway to the first five readers who submit a request. Sign up below and be quick about it!  



 P  R  E  V  I  O  U  S     G  I  V  E  A  W  A  Y  S


Wolf Lords of London

Volume 1 available 

Spring 2020.


Moon & Star Necklace

- 8 mm dia star and 9mm moon.
- 16 to 18 inch chain
- Lobster and claw clasp
- Matte finish
- Made from surgical stainless steel (hypoallergenic for sensitive skins)
- Stainless steel will never tarnish
- Boxed
- Includes a matching gift card

For more details about the Moon and Star necklace go to


"WOW!! Nothing and I mean NOTHING could interrupt me once I started this story! Color me impressed!"

 —Leather & Lace Reviews 

    5 Mate Marks

    Review of Wolf, Interrupted



A paperback and ebook release, the anthology includes Wolf, Interrupted. Wolf On Fire and Mr. & Mrs. Wolf. 





Beginning November 1 and continuing each month leading up to the release of MR & MRS WOLF,  I'll be giving away signed print copies of WOLF LORDS OF WESTMINSTER Volume 1 (includes Wolf, Interrupted, Wolf on Fire, and Mr. & Mrs.Wolf). Additionally, I will be including a bit of wolf swag for each lovely winner.


This month's wolf swag is the charming Moon & Star necklace from Rose Lane Jewelry. I have to admit I bought two—one for this giveaway and one for my niece for Christmas! Just fill out the contact box below and you're officially entered.



Congrats to Tammy Yenalavitch, Alexa Tran, Joy Brehaut, Sherry Hewlett, and Linda Farabaugh!  I know you are all going to make brilliant book fairies. —J


Stay frosty! There's a Wolf Lords of London giveaway coming soon.

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