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Love is more than a clever tagline. 




Let Me Read For You

5/5 Stars


"So I requested this book through NetGalley but never made it back in time before it was archived. I wanted to read this book badly, the blurb had me hooked and so I made my way to Amazon and purchased it with my hard earned cash and boy was it worth it! I loved this book—sexy, steamy and smart. The book got right into the action within the first few pages, just my kind of story with Gracie and Bradley meeting in a lift that breaks down between floors on their way to an office party.

"I don't know what it is about lifts, maybe it's the confined space or the odd lighting, but they seem to make everything more charged and that is certainly the case for these two. The characters themselves are amazing, Smart, sexy and somehow instantly trustworthy Bradley is just what Gracie, someone who spends her days in a male dominated world of advertising, needs.

"The idea of a Do It List of sexual experiences is what nails the relationship between the two together and is possibly one of the cleverest ideas behind a story that I have read. We all have read a book or two and thought whoa that sounds fun but who has ever written it down and worked through it as a to-do list. Personally, at the start, I was a little taken back by the concept but as the story progressed within a few pages I was fully converted to the idea.

"Smart and sexy or smexy as Gracie would say. Hey, who knows maybe I'll start a list of my own."



Goodreads Review


"I absolutely loved this book…the scenes between Gracie and Bradley just jumped off the page. I enjoyed the references to their racial differences without it being over the top. I highly recommend this book."



Noelle S. Amazon Review 5/5 Stars


"Jillian Stone does an excellent job of creating a world and characters that are relatable and addictive. Highly recommended. The Do It List is a wonderfully delicious contemporary romance read. The whole cast of characters, main and supporting, are entertaining and intriguing. The two main characters, Grace Taylor-Scott and Bradley Craig, are easy to fall in love with and I found myself cheering them on during their ups and downs. Cannot wait to see what happens next!"



Jeri's Book Attic 

4/5 Stars


'If you're searching for a book that includes not only steamy scenes, but a real storyline… refreshing and entertaining characters…this is the book you are searching for!


The story is addicting! I loved the way the characters, not only the main ones, interacted. It was great to see how awesome the author developed the characters which made reading this book even more fun." 


I am looking forward to read more books by this author."



Amazon Review 5/5 Stars


"This author always does a good job. She did not disappoint me with this book. The couple is hot all the way through and the story line is great."



Ivelisse D. NetGalley Review


This story is great. Love the alpha-romantic male. You have to read Bradley & Gracie's story.




LEE H. NetGalley Review


Hot, sexy and oh so steamy! Superbly written too and just plain entertaining from start to finish. Loved it!




NetGalley Review

4/5 Stars


"Hot, sexy and oh so steamy! Superbly written too and just plain entertaining from start to finish. Loved it!."




The Romantic Fanatic

NetGalley Review 

4/5 Stars


"I like to start off by saying that this book is seriously HOT! Gracie and Bradley have serious chemistry! I also like that there wasn’t a cliffhanger. We still don’t know all there is to know about Bradley so I’m glad their story will continue in a second book, which I will be reading!  I don’t want to give anything away, but I finished the book feeling content. This is a great beach book!"


Review by Tipsy Dreamer



NetGalley Review

5/5 Stars

"Absolutely loved this book! Very hot book."




Amazon Review

5/5 Stars


"I've been waiting on Jillian's next book for like…ever. I have been keeping myself busy rereading the Phaeton Black books, if you haven't read those DO yourself a favor. I hate spoiler reviews so I will be brief I loves this story This was a quick read (because I couldn't put it down) that I know I will read over again…this book was a free kindle unlimited that I will be buying because I have to have for the collection!!"



NetGalley Review 

5/5 Stars 


"This story is great. The alpha-romantic male and the strong-hot female love story. You will love and enjoy this great book. Excellent summer reading!"



Amazon Review 4/5 Stars


"What begins as a fantasy on everyone's bucket list…leads to creating a list of sexual fantasies. What I was afraid would be clichéd turned into a lovely romance that was hard fought for. Trap me in the dark with Brad any day!





Bradley Craig is the new hire from the UK, who will head an experimental research division of DWD. 

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Hotshot copywriter, Gracie Taylor-Scott, is a rising star at Darcy Wexler Dean, New York, and the long hours are perfect cover for Gracie’s fear of intimacy issues. Then one night, she is plunged into darkness with a handsome stranger.


Bradley Craig, the new head of DWD’s research division, has secrets of his own. There’s a darker side to the attractive, enigmatic ad man—his erotic, list-maker side.


Bradley has a proposition: They make a list—ten erotic sexual encounters, no strings attached. What’s at stake? Two Super Bowl spots and two fragile hearts. 


Available on Amazon


Gracie is wary of marketing research, but should she also be wary of the handsome Mr. Craig? 

Meet Gracie Taylor-Scott, hotshot copywriter at Darcy Wexler Dean Advertising.




"Loved this story. Amazing to read. Great character detail and oh so steamy sex. A must read!!!"

—Suzy's Book Blog


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