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Wolf, Interrupted is the prequel novella to Wolf on FIre. Available as an ebook from the following online booksellers:


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Elle Hathaway has spent most of her young life in fear of herself. At least the part of her that grows fangs and claws. With the help of a lycanthrope suppressant, she’s made it through puberty, university, even her first job without so much as a shift. Then one night, deep in the tunnels of the Underground, her life changes forever. 


Detective Inspector Abelseth Durant is investigating the lethal mauling of an unknown victim in the Covent Garden tube station, and Ms. Elle Hathaway is a person of interest. Sensing her wolf nature, he is mystified by the lovely young woman, and when Elle is abducted by a rival pack, Abelseth realizes he is being pulled back into London’s wolfen underworld.




I seem to love whatever this woman writes about… this was a lot of fun and I'm really hoping there is going to be more to this story in the future. Or maybe an expansion on this one. Meh. I'm not picky - I'll take anything about Elle and Abelseth that Jillian wants to dish out. I received an ARC and am very thankful I did :)  

—4. 5 Stars, Cassandra, Goodreads


Jillian Stone is one of my favorites. I’ve read many of her books and enjoy the characters and worlds that she creates. Wolf, Interrupted is a great story about a young woman terrified of her inner wolf to the point that she’s gone to the extreme to suppress the beast. After a “dog” attack in the tube, Elle’s life changes forever in many ways. The introduction of Detective Inspector Durant is but one of those changes.    

—5 Stars, Sapphyria’s Book Reviews


















WOW!! Nothing and I mean NOTHING could interrupt me once I started this story! With her intriguingly unique style of storytelling, Jillian captured my interest, drawing me in right away. I will admit that the British-ness of it added another aspect & deeper level of enhancement to it! The multifaceted but secretive characters, the wholly unique "magic" or abilities that the shifters have, the immediate and intense draw that Elle and Abelseth have towards each other and the way it escalates to an undeniable passion, the various Wolfen gangs, rules, hierarchy, the much lovedwolfen underworld, etc. all contribute to my captivation and fascination with Wolf, Interrupted!

...Color me impressed!! This is my first experience with Jillian's storytelling and will definitely NOT be the last! Now that I have had a taste I'm hooked! I need more - LOTS more - to even begin to satisfy my craving for this perfectly British storytelling in all of its wolf shifting glory!!


"We have a universe inside us to explore." —Abelseth Durant


—Leather & Lace Reviews 5 Mate Marks

   Cherri-Anne Boitson





This is a neatly woven tale that captures you from the first page. Sometimes you can get lost in the politics of the subplot in paranormal stories, but I found them to be very interesting in this book. I want to know more, and I hope that happens in the next book. Elle and Abelseth have an instant attraction to each other and as the story unfolds you understand why. There is a little heat in the book near the end which is well written. The ending is left open for more, and you can tell their story has only just started. Bring on book two I say. I would recommend this book to all the PNR lovers out there.


—5 Stars Samantha A. 

   NetGalley Review





He’ll risk his life for her, but will he risk his heart?


Elle Hathaway continues to discover her wilder wolf side as she confronts the reality of being mated to a powerful wolf lord. Elle hardly knows Detective Inspector Abelseth Durant, but he's offered her protection from wolf packs bent on abducting pure-blooded females.


In WOLF ON FIRE, Abelseth and Elle return to London where Elle’s first priority is to get her wolf powers under control. While she attends Coxley Grey Wolf Academy, Abelseth’s investigation brings him into close contact with a mysterious government agency interested in the Wolf Lords of London.


Adventure abounds as the newly mated couple face insurgent wolf packs, top secret spy works, and a flurry of…wedding plans. 







What a FAN-HOWLING-TASTIC book & a FURNOMENAL continuation of Elle & Abelseth's story!  It is sassy, funny, hot, magical, dreamy, heart-pounding, smutty, playful, romantic, pulse-racing, sweet, drool-worthy and intense!  I am so in love, Love, LOVE EVERY LITTLE BITE!! *wink*  In love with Elle, in love with Abelseth, with their friends & family, with the Britishness of it, in love with the magic, the romance, the wolf side, the wolf lore, in love with Jillian's writing, just in love with ALL OF IT!  From the very first chapter of book 1 - Wolf, Interrupted I was in love, but now that I am finished book 2 - in record time I might add! - I am head over heels - pardon me, head over furry tails in COMPLETE and UTTER LOVE, OBSESSION, ADDICTION and chomping at the bit for more!!!  Jillian has this way about her writing that is almost indescribable, in ALL of the best ways possible!  The Britishness of it has me seeing, hearing, living it all as if I truly was living all of this out, rather than "just" vicariously through the multifaceted characters.  Even though I have never been to Britain, Jillian's storytelling truly brings all aspects to life!  Then there is the Wolf & Wolf magic which adds an entirely new layer of awesomeness to the book, taking it and me, even deeper, enriching and enhancing the reading experience like no other!  I could go on & on & on about just how FAN-STONE-TASTIC this book and series is, but I will reign it in and just say YOU NEED TO READ THIS SERIES!!  It is unlike any I have ever read and since I average a couple of hundred books a year, that is saying A LOT!!


5 Fiery Hearts,

    Cherri-Anne Boitson

    Top 1% Reviewer on Goodreads






Jiillian cranks up the heat in the latest addition to her Wolf Lords of London series. 


From page one you are immersed a red-hot love scene, along with some awesome character development. The wonderfully entertaining supporting cast includes an eccentric halfling wolf, a very unlikely informant, an MI5 agent, and a wickedly dangerous rival alpha bent on capturing Elle and eliminating Abelseth. 


Also, now that Elle’s she-wolf is out, she needs to get her wolf powers under control. And for that, Jillian has created Coxley Grey Wolf Academy. I don’t want to give anything away, but the wolf training facility chapters are an amazing read all by themselves.


Some of the sexiest, sweetest moments between Elle and Abelseth are when they’re attempting to fulfill their wolf pack duties by formalizing their mating with a wedding. I’m no spoiler—read it and feel the love!


This is a short novel, but it’s certainly isn’t short on story or character development. Jillian’s take on the werewolf romance is fresh and sexy, and find-your-wild fun. I was entertained from start to finish. How long until book 3?


—J. Brehaut

    Advanced Reader Review

WOLF ON FIRE yel-red cover.jpg

Wolf on Fire is the second novel in the Wolf Lords of London series. Available as an ebook from the following online booksellers:

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 Wolf on Fire continues the story of Elle Hathaway, a pure blooded wolf, and Abelseth Durant, a powerful wolf lord and Detective Inspector for Scotland Yard. They've recently mated to protect her from a rogue pack bent on kidnapping pure blooded females to strengthen the race and gain more power. 

   Elle has to deal with accepting the wolf side of her nature. A side she's kept hidden for years by taking a lycanthrope suppressant. Now that she's no longer on it, she has to learn how to manage the wolf magic running through her. 

   Abelseth is determined to help her control her magical powers so she starts attending Coxley Grey Wolf Academy. 

   Abelseth is working hard to protect Elle, solve another murder in the subway, and deal with continued family drama at the same time. Oh yeah, and a shadowy government agent is nosing around. Abelseth already cares for Elle which I could tell since he is much more at ease being mated to her than she is. Elle, on the other hand, is still getting used to the idea of being mated to a man she barely knows and also marrying him in a few weeks. 

   Their chemistry is just as hot as the first book, Wolf Interrupted. Their passion burns the pages, particularly a scene where he channels the essence of Anubis to have werewolf sex with her. It slightly confusing at first since the reference between Anubis and the werewolves was only referred to in this one scene,  but it was hot enough that I overlooked it and kept reading with a fan to cool me down. ;-) 

   The author does a wonderful job of fleshing out the personalities of the secondary characters and their place in this action-packed novel. We continue to learn more about the wolf dynamic amongst Abelseth's royal family, the history of the clans, and the role the government plays in protecting the wolves of London. 

   I also liked how, even though Elle relied on Abelseth for his protection, she was a fighter in her own right. She is smart and grows into her own inner strength as she continues to work with and control the power of her she-wolf. Abelseth is sexy, protective, and kind and you can see why she falls in love with him by the end and vice versa. 

   4/5 stars and I look forward to the next book where they actually tie the knot and get into even more adventures.

—J. Robninson

   Amazon Featured Review


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