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And to think it all started with a kiss...

The Fae Worlds anthology is available to purchase at major online booksellers.





Only one veil keeps the human world separate from the Fae born. Some believe it’s safer this way. That magic and mundane simply shouldn’t mix. But what happens when worlds collide, and the veil is crossed? Or worse, broken?

Fae Worlds is a limited edition fantasy romance anthology featuring five unique and NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED novellas ranging from sweet and playful, to downright dark and dangerous.

Travel into new worlds of magic and possibility, danger and desire, brought to you by five best-selling and imaginative authors. Come along. Indulge in the magic.





The water nymph known as a naiad.

Life is tricksy baby, stay in your faerie dust." —Owen Brady

Once upon a time—let's just say way back in high school—there was a hotter-than-hot star football player named Owen Brady and a cute-ish, but odd girl named Elsbeth Moonflower. It so happened that one afternoon, at a lake party, Owen kissed Elsbeth then denied it ever happened in front of the biggest gossipers in school.


Hilarious for the mean girls. Hellish for Elsbeth. She swore by all creatures holy and unholy, she'd never speak to Owen again, and that should have been the end of it. No love story. No faerie tale. And definitely no happily ever after.


But what if the tale didn't end there? What if their story was just beginning?


Fast forward five years. Owen Brady is now an Essex County Deputy Sheriff determined to get to the bottom of some murderous local mischief. And Elsbeth Moonflower appears to be a person of interest—in more ways than one.


This time around, will Owen opt for his straight and narrow life or will he venture into Elsbeth’s mysterious fae world and bravely risk his heart?



Back cover blurb 

  Faerie wings are made of super-strength materials like Spider's silk—ten times stronger than Kevlar—and metallic glass, a rare and precious element that is only found in faerie wings.

A limited edition


Pssst! To make faerie dust move your cursor over the wings above. 

F A E   W O R L D S 

    One Veil…Five Worlds

 NIGHT BLOOMERS is one of five original novellas in the Fae Worlds anthology.

Coming in Fall 2023

night bloomers print cover_new font_brig


of Paradox Lake

Dryads bond with trees and are dangerous rock throwers. Don't be fooled.

Great spriggans patrol the ancient woods around Paradox Lake.

A scene from Night Bloomers:  Lorek presides over the conclave in the forest. It appears he is also adept at growing his horns to fit the occasion. 





  "Crawling with supernatural critters and backwoods magic…

an eerily mesmerizing romantic tale.”

—J. Brehaut, Advanced Review Copy reader


The expanded version of Night Bloomers will be the first novel in the Paradox Lake series. Keep an eye out for the full length Night Bloomers' release, coming in 2023.

Lorek, fawn overlord of the fae creatures. A fierce warrior, his powers are invisibility, shapeshifting and mimicry.

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