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And to think it all started with a kiss...

Coming in 2024

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The expanded version of Night Bloomers will be the first novel in the Paradox Lake series. Keep an eye out for the full length Night Bloomers' release, coming in 2024.

Life is tricksy baby, stay in your faerie dust." —Owen Brady

  Faerie wings are made of super-strength materials like Spider's silk—ten times stronger than Kevlar—and metallic glass, a rare and precious element that is only found in faerie wings.

Pssst! To make faerie dust move your cursor over the wings above. 

 NIGHT BLOOMERS is the first novel in the Paradox Lake fantasy series. 





  "Crawling with supernatural critters and backwoods magic…

an eerily mesmerizing romantic tale.”

— Advanced Review Copy Reader


This is not going to be a love story. First of all there's nothing gush-worthy about the high strangeness of Paradox Lake nor its odd inhabitants, seen or unseen.


No, this is a story about Elsbeth Moonflower. A girl whispered to come from an ancient fae bloodline that haunts the hills and valleys around Paradox Lake. Or so they say. 


This tale also includes Owen Brady. Varsity baseball pitcher, football captain, homecoming king, and total hotter than hell babe, of course. 


The kiss happens on a late spring afternoon. The odd fae girl and the star hot guy crash into each other at a party near the lake. It was just a kiss, but it was a kiss whispered about from hamlets to high schools, hills and dales, and yes, this was a kiss heard round the fae world.

Now, it's understood that you don't go disturbing the fae—riling them up, rousing them out of their sleepy hollows, but the kiss seems to have done exactly that. 





of Paradox Lake

Dryads bond with trees and are dangerous rock throwers. Don't be fooled.

Great spriggans patrol the ancient woods around Paradox Lake.

Lorek, fawn overlord of the fae creatures. A fierce warrior, his powers are invisibility, shapeshifting and mimicry.


The water nymph known as a naiad.

"A dark mist has covered the lake. It's morning now, only it might as well be night."



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