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Wolf Lords of London 

(Elle gets clued-in by wolfen coworkers at Chelsea Physic Garden.)


   “Most of us here at Chelsea Gardens are either Wyvern or Pendragon,” Tom explained. “I’m afraid the clans are somewhat endangered these days. Between the insurgent packs and the millennials who prefer lone wolf status, as you yourself have practiced so artfully.”

    Her cheeks warmed. “Not that artfully, it would seem.”

   “It’s time you were clued in, Elle.” Julian winked. “Things are about to get interesting for the packs.”

   Tom nodded. “Especially as it relates to that fine young man of yours. In case no one has informed you as yet, Abelseth Durant is the heir apparent, primogeniture alpha to the most powerful pack in the city—the Wolf Lords of Westminster.”

   Julian interjected. “Simply translated, it means he’s a royal, descended from ancient Wessex kings going all the way back to the first Aethelwulf.”

   Tom leaned in closer. “There was even a time, when his Uncle, Viscount Severn, announced his intention to groom Abelseth to take his seat in the House of Lords.”

   “He mentioned a row with his brother,” Elle offered.

  “Naturally, controversy and rumors abound,” Tom spoke softly. “Some say he abdicated, others claim he was pressured, his rightful place as alpha coerced from him in a coup of sorts.”

   Abelseth Durant was wolfen royalty.

   Well, of course, he was. On some level, she was almost expecting it, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t staggered by what she was hearing. Elle wasn’t entirely ignorant of her kind. Mother had schooled her in the ancient myths and origin stories. Tales of lionhearted lords and ladies. Powerful, ferocious wolves. The frightening wonder of the first commingling and the next great era; the coming of the rara lupus or divine dogs known as wolfen.

   That Abelseth was the rightful alpha of the Lords made perfect sense. A person would have to be blind not to notice the deferential looks, the respect he’d received from the guests at his brother’s dinner party. She bit her lower lip. “I’ve met several of his relatives, would you care to hear about them?”

   All ears, her coworkers leaned in close as Elle recounted her adventures with the handsome Detective Inspector Durant. From her abduction by Ex Cerberus—stolen away in front of the XOYO dance club—to her first four-legged romp with the wolf prince himself.

  “I was terrified of my she-wolf, but I also leaned on her.”

   Minus the hot sex and amazing orgasm, Elle shared a few sensory memories of her first shift. She also recalled Abelseth’s kindness and support during the transformation. His gentle words still echoed in her head. “You cannot endure the pain of a shift, you must transcend it.” In many ways, he’d deepened the process, helped her surrender to the experience.

  “I trusted his every word and drew strength from his presence.” A faint heat swept over her cheeks as she finished her tale. “In all honesty? I think I wanted the shift to be quick, so I let my body do what it must.”

   A wide-eyed Fiona and astonished Julian offered their congrats. Tom’s reaction seemed less surprised than the others. “My dear girl, that was quite an initiation.”

   Elle nodded somewhat absently. “I’m afraid we still have two meddling mothers who are thrilled that we are mated, but continue to insist we make it legal.” She grimaced. “A wedding at the earliest opportunity. Impossible, of course, even if I wanted to rush into marriage. A person can’t get a slot at the Chelsea Registry unless they book it months in advance. And what about the bans?”

   Tom’s eyebrows twitched, and his silver-gray gaze seemed unusually sparkly. “What if I told you there might be a way?”


He'll risk his life for her. But will he risk his heart?

Wolf love is in the air with the release of book #2 in the Wolf Lords of London series.

Elle Hathaway continues to discover her wilder wolf side as she confronts the reality of being mated to a powerful wolf lord. Elle hardly knows Detective Inspector Abelseth Durant, but he's also offered her protection from wolf packs bent on abducting pure-blooded females.

In WOLF ON FIRE, Abelseth and Elle return to London, where Elle's first priority is to get her wolf powers under control by attending Coxley Grey Wolf Academy. Meanwhile, Abelseth investigates yet another murder related to the Covent Garden tube mauling. Adventure abounds as the newly mated couple track down the wolf pack after Elle, and deal with a mysterious government agency interested in establishing a 
mutually beneficial relationship with the Wolf Lords of London.

Closely held secrets of London's werewolf culture are revealed in book two as well as the heart-wrenching backstory on the handsome wolf prince who offers Elle everything but his heart. 

Wolf on Fire_I want-no link meme.png

Wolf on Fire is available on Amazon, B&N, and Apple iBooks.





Cover of book two, Wolf on Fire, is available as an ebook on Amazon,, B&N, and Apple.





The most frequently asked question I get from readers is about the ancient and powerful force used by the wolfen packs in the series. The drift force is part science, part magic, and incorporates stealth, travel, and various aspects of combat—to name just a few of its powers. Wolves access the drift by learning to control particle behavior and forces like gravity. The drift can be somewhat challenging to fully grasp, but do not worry. As the series unfolds, so will your understanding of the drift.


Rather than try to unravel all the forces at play in the drift—just relax and get a feel for them. The ocean contains enormous, if not limitless amounts of energy. Take a look at what happens underneath a breaking wave. Note how the toroidal vortex propels the breaking wave forward. And check out those tentacle-like ropes or filaments that remain unseen at the surface level.

A bit of deep background on the Wolf Lords of London in the form of an excerpt:

This stereographic projection of a Clifford torus marks the entrance to the drift gymnasium at Coxley Grey Wolf Academy. 





WOLF, INTERRUPTED_ cover_final.jpg

Excerpt from the upcoming Mr. & Mrs. Wolf



"Elle, if I gave you a disposable lighter and sent you

back in time to live with a tribe of Paleolithic humans, they'd make you a goddess"


—Nigellus of the Twigs



“Magic's just science that we don't understand yet,"


—Abelseth Durant quoting Arthur C. Clarke



Wolf, Interrupted is the prequel novella to the series and is available now as an ebook on Amazon, B&N, and Apple.











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