9 Jul 2020

Beginning December 10, I'll be giving away five signed print copies of WOLF LORDS OF LONDON VOLUME 1 (includes Wolf, Interrupted, Wolf on Fire, and Mrs & Mrs Wolf). Additionally, I will also be including a bit of wolf swag for each lovely winner. St...

4 Apr 2019

Your favorite wolf couple is back with book #3 in the series. As the Wolf Lords grow more powerful, the mating and marraige of Abelseth and Elle is seen as a threat by competing packs. Will their gorgeous garden wedding end in trajedy or I do? Find out if Abelseth and...

28 Sep 2018

Book fairies all over the world are hiding books for people to find and read. How fairy-like is that? This is real magic and everyone has the power to participate. It's simple, attach a book fairy sticker to the cover of a book you'd love to share and leave it behind f...

22 Aug 2018

Readers of the Wolf Lords of London series know that Elle Hathaway, heroine and badass botanist, works at Chelsea Physic Garden. And it just so happens, London's oldest botanical garden also has a wonderful cafe, Tangerine Dream. Here's a peek at their high tea. Scrumm...

9 Aug 2018

I confess I get lost in world building.

At the moment, I'm conjuring up elven tribes. And I do mean tribes, not realms or clans. The Paradox Lake mystery series is set in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. This beautiful mountainous region is also Iroquoi Nations terr...

6 Apr 2018

Sorry for the delay wolf readers! I got caught between two deadlines, which is a nice problem to have! I had to put the final edit of WOLF ON FIRE on hold to finish NIGHT BLOOMERS for the FAE WORLDS Anthology. But I'm back on the final edit and should have book #2 read...

24 Sep 2017

Sign up for my mailing list or write a review for Wolf, Interrupted and get (5) chances to win one of these great prizes: A 'find your wild' graphic tee, a Kindle HD8 or a signed copy of the Wolf Lords of London anthology. Go directly to the Wolf, Interrupted page on t...

14 Sep 2017

If you enjoy my books and are an avid reader/reviewer go to Book Funnel and download a free copy. All I ask is that you post an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads. —Jillian 

31 Aug 2017

Did you know there is a secret Bleeding Heart Yard Facebook page devoted to all things mysterious, monstrously gothic and utterly romantic? I began this secret group page several years ago and am now planning to take it to a whole new place—so prepare yourselves! Yes,...

18 Jul 2017

Readers often ask what I'm working on, so I'm going to make a regular point of letting you in on my process—at least a little bit! I'm currently working on a scene for the upcoming FAE WORLDS anthology project. The heroine and hero have to take shelter from a supercell...

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Wolf Lords of London

Volume 1 available 

Christmas 2020.


"WOW!! Nothing and I mean NOTHING could interrupt me once I started this story! Color me impressed!"

 —Leather & Lace Reviews 

    5 Mate Marks

    Review of Wolf, Interrupted



Paperback and ebook anthology includes Wolf, Interrupted. 

Wolf On Fire and book #3 in the Wolf Lords of London series. 





Three wolfen novella releases! Wolf, Interrupted, Wolf on Fire, and coming in Fall 2020—Mr. & Mrs. Wolf. If you haven't read my werewolf series yet, start with book #1, Wolf, Interrupted is $0.99 on Amazon, B&N, and Apple. 

                                                  Buy. Read. Review.   xo—Jillian

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