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THE DO IT LIST is set to release June 19

THE DO IT LIST is my first contemporary erotic novel. An experiment to be sure! This book should have published last year. After contracting a number of different titles with Ellora's Cave, the manuscript for THE DO IT LIST got buried in an editorial pile-up. Then came the rumors about EC authors not getting paid on time. Then the libel lawsuit. Things were looking grim.

So I called up my agent and said, let's try to get the rights back. Since none of the contracted titles had been published yet maybe they'll just let us go. Hey, it was worth a try, and it took awhile––almost six months, but by April 8, 2015 I had received email noticifaction that the publishing rights to all titles were being returned to me.

Pause for huge sigh of relief.

WARNING: If you are a reader of The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series or the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator series then you know I write very spicy love scenes. THE DO IT LIST is no more erotic than some of my historical novels, but I do use more explicit language. Along with smexy thrills expect some tears and laughter. You know me, I always like to tell a good story!

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