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Lost in worldbuilding.

I confess I get lost in world building.

At the moment, I'm conjuring up elven tribes. And I do mean tribes, not realms or clans. The Paradox Lake mystery series is set in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. This beautiful mountainous region is also Iroquoi Nations territory. The code of the elven tribes surrounding Paradox Lake is one of mixed influences. They are skilled practitioners of magic, powerful spellcasters and spend much of their time as spies, seeking to tip the scales in favor of the innocent, the weak, and the poor within their designated territories—the ancient forests of the Adirondacks. When called upon to fight (in the defense of a righteous cause) the elven tribes are fierce warriors, with an unrivaled expertise in archery and the tomahawk. On a lighter note, they also love to make music and dance.

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