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Just in time for Valentine's day: A new giveaway!

The paperback edition of EAT, SLAY, LUST will be available at Amazon, February 28th. To celebrate, I've got 10 signed copies ready to ship to readers! To get in on the giveaway, all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter. Easy-peasy! If you've already signed up for the newsletter, message me through this website (see contact) and I'll make sure you're included in the raffle. Winners will be announced here on the website. Giveaway ends February 28, 2017. Good luck everyone!

Read one of the featured reviews:


5/5 Stars Dinnerandamurder

This here is one underappreciated gem. If you read my reviews, I tend to be pretty harsh. I didn't expect much from this story, but I was blown away. We get lots of zombie action without being bogged down in them. Even got some zombies never seen before. Predator zombies would be terrifying! We got some romance, but it was not at all sappy or too much. There were some really hot sex scenes, but again, not at every turn. There was dirty talk and the H was dominant in a very good way. Not rude or overwhelming, just knows how to tell you what he wants. It was seriously sexy. There were some great characters in here. Friendships were formed, people were lost. Had some bad guys. It was really the perfect storm and I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes zombies or erotica or romance or military stories. You get it all here!!!

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